Is virtual reality cheating?

My current boyfriend is really heavily into virtual reality. At first I did not know what kind of virtual reality he was into, but when I checked it out, I found that he was dating and meeting up with virtual reality porn stars online. Sure, I work long hours at London escorts and I understand that he gets bored. But it honestly feels like he is cheating on me with his virtual reality porn stars.

It makes me wonder what goes on in his head, and mind, when I am working away at London escorts. During my time with London escorts, I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about cheating. A fair amount of the guys I date at London escorts do actually cheat on their partners, and it seems that they are getting away with it. Is that because their partners don’t know that they are dating London escorts, or do they dimply ignore it? Surely, just like I can tell of a man is married or not, their partners must be able to tell what is going on in their lives. What kind of cheating is the worst? That kind of cheating you do with London escorts, or the kind of cheating that takes place in your head? Of course, there a days when I sit there and wish that I was dating some really hot bloke, but reality soon brings me down to earth. There is no way that you can have it all, and that is another thing that I have learned at the lowest priced London escorts agency. But I have also learned that the kind of wishful cheating that many women and men do, is the worst kind.

This is where my dilemma with my boyfriend comes in. What kind of cheating is he doing? At the moment I feel kind of hurt that he needs to hook up with virtual reality girls when I am at work at London escorts. Like most other girls I am very sensitive to a man’s state of mind. He is in it for the money, and chooses to think about other girls instead of the one that he is with at the time. That kind of thing can make you feel like you are not good enough. At the moment, that is exactly how I feel. It feels a bit like my boyfriend is checking out all of those other girls online and comparing them to me. Am I good enough for him? That is the question I have been asking myself since I found out that he was into dating porn stars in Second Life. Apparently you even have to pay for the service, and I guess that is another thing that annoys me about it is virtual reality habit. I We were planning a holiday, but now I understand why he says that he can’t afford to go. Maybe I should just go on holiday with my friends from London escorts instead, and ditch this guy.

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