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MARCH 31, 2011

Yakima 4

Filed under Trips @ 1:05 pm

It's my understanding that Native Americans have a saying that goes "white men build a big fire and sit far away. Indians build a small fire and sit close." There's something to that philosophy that goes beyond fires. We were a group of men whiter than the driven snow, and the fire was blazing somewhere close to Bessemer Converterdom.

Chances are some of your best fishing memories from years past revolve around campfires and friends. I have vivid memories of laughing till I fell out of a camp chair, and eating meals that could not be replicated in a five-star restaurant. Those are moments that simply transcend reality. All of us who dedicate ourselves to friends and fishing, know these fleeting encounters to be pure and true. Often enough, I remember clearly thinking if I were to die at this very moment, all things considered, it would be fair trade. This was one of those nights. A fair trade indeed.

The night's meal came courtesy of Reid Watson and his buddy, Josh Voltz. Reid has a thing for cooking in a cast iron Dutch oven, and thankfully the guy has it down to a science. He called it Yakiman Chili, and he managed to pull it off in the middle of all the chaos created by very loud music, and the noise of six other guys having a great time while acting like maniacal children riding a sugar fueled mindless rampage through camp. Had they been in the vicinity, wives and girlfriends most certainly would have left for home a very long time ago, while muttering something pathetic about the nature of men and their behavior around other men and campfires. Probably not worth going into here. (More in this series in the coming days.)

Yakima River Image 15

Reid Watson going over the details of the recipe for Yakiman Chili.

Yakima River Image 16

Bryan LaComa was in charge of cooking ribs for one or'the side dishes.

Yakima River Image 17

Roasted chilies were an integral part of the Yakiman Chili dish.

Yakima River Image 18

Briquettes were ready and the initial ingredients started to smolder.

Yakima River Image 19

Josh Voltz and Reid Watson mix up a batch of Yakiman for their friends.

Yakima River Image 20

Dueling cast iron Dutch ovens working on making
one of the best chili dishes in recent memory.

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