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MARCH 3, 2011

Dreaming For Spring

Filed under Miscellaneous @ 2:25 pm

Winter in Seattle Image

Shot this photo out the window of my car on the way downtown a while back, and it fits the mood perfectly.  Steelheaders are the only people in a good mood these days. Guys who fly fish for steelhead seek out this stuff.  They live to stand in rivers during weather that most people take out home loans to avoid. In the city, the trout mood is slushy at best. These days there’s nothing to do but hunker and remember what it was like last spring.  Pitchers and catchers just showed up in Arizona a couple days ago, so it can’t be that far away can it? All we can do is imagine at this point. We’re wading through the dog days of February and dreaming of spinner falls and midges by the millions. There’s gotta be a crack in winter’s chill. Sounds like an old Leonard Cohen lyric.

“Ring the bells that still can ring
 Forget your perfect offering
 There is a crack in everything
 That's how the light gets in.”

We need some light in here.  For instance right now.

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