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  Blog ARCHIVE JULY 2010

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JULY 8, 2010

Launch of UpStream Magazine

Filed under Miscellaneous @ 1:30 pm

We did it! Man, it took a while. Greg Smith (the former designer of Fish & Fly magazine) and I started talking about doing this over a year ago. We corralled John Van Vleet (also of Fish & Fly) and started to put things together for UpStream. From the beginning, we felt there really wasn’t a magazine with a wide-enough brush stroke to really include the entire fishing experience. It always seemed to be about “Mine’s bigger than yours!” and “How big is it, really?” and “How many, and where exactly?” We just got tired of it. It’s old. Enough! Out, damn self-indulgent prattle! We have a journey to take and those old stories are getting in the way. We’re guessing that there are dedicated fly fishers out there who enjoy the journey as much as the fishing. We’re headed in that direction. No stopping now. Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee said, “You don’t need no ticket, you just get on board.”


After this first issue, we have journeys lined up. Amongst others, we’ll look at the Catskills from a historical perspective and through the eyes of current artists, guides, fly tiers, restaurant owners, icons and eel farmers. We’ll go to Guatemala and grab some sailfish and a glass of quality rum, and then check out Antigua’s back roads and climb to the top of the metropolis that was Tikal. We’ll tip our hats at the way it was before the oil came ashore in Louisiana, and we’ll see what hope lies ahead, while chewing on some gumbo, watching red fish get sculpted in molten glass and listening to the jazz go down. Then we’ll head to the Northwoods and check out muskie culture in all its glory with Robert Tomes, who wrote the book on fly fishing for those monsters. Every fly angler I know has a bluegill in their background somewhere; we’re even gonna look closely at those hooters. I have this vision of a double-page spread showing off a bluegill in spawning colors. In every single issue, the Habitat section will look at an environmental issue related to that particular journey. Natural gas in the Catskills and the state of the marsh near New Orleans are great examples.

                 Fisherman          Glass Blower

This Blog will continue to develop and spread. We’ll be updating material all the time and as we get more organized, we’ll include a lot of different subjects, such as photography, food, wine, equipment, flies, and locations. You get the point. I can’t wait. I hope you’re as excited as I am. Follow the links and let’s rock!

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