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OCTOBER 7, 2011

Nova Scotia Journey

Filed under Trips @ 2:30 pm

TEN & TWO traveled to Nova Scotia for Atlantic salmon fishing on Cape Breton, the island off the northeast coast, with renowned author and outdoorsman Charles Gaines. It is the cradle of some of the world's most amazing fly fishing. The story of our experience on the island of Nova Scotia will be featured in our upcoming Winter issue. To give you a taste of what you'll see—here are some photos of our journey...

Nova Scotia Coastline Image

An incredible farmhouse on the coast near the Cabot Trail north of Margaree.

St. Mary Image

The St. Marie has had better days fishing off the coast of Nova Scotia.

Margaree River Valley Image

Margaree River Valley. Home to Atlantic salmon up to 30-lbs.
Incredible! It's like a trout stream up here.

Charles Gaines Fishing Image

Charles Gaines casts a Bomber dry fly to waiting salmon in The Forks Pool.

Moose Crossing Sign Image

You gotta love a sign like this!

Glenora Distillery Image

North America's only single malt whiskey distillery is on Cape Breton
Island, Nova Scotia. It's calledGlenora and it's the real deal.

Lighthouse Image

In 1734, the French first lit the Louisbourg lighthouse -
now the oldest lighthouse in all of Canada

Sunrise Image

Sunrise on the ragged coastline near Louisbourg,
Nova Scotia. One of the best sunrises I've ever seen!

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