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SEPTEMBER 30, 2011

Salmon Fishing on Nova Scotia

Filed under Trips @ 3:35 pm

TEN & TWO is traveling to Nova Scotia for Atlantic salmon on Cape Breton, the island off the northeast coast. We fly into Halifax and then we'll meet our host for the first part of the trip - Charles Gaines. He wrote the book Pumping Iron in '74. It was made into a movie staring Arnold Schwarzenegger, before Arnold became Arnold. He's written novels, done TV, and countless magazine articles about fishing and hunting. Currently he lives half the year in Alabama hunting quail, and the other half in Nova Scotia looking for salmon. He'll take us to the world famous Margaree River where we'll stay at the Normaway Inn. We'll spend three days fishing for Atlantic salmon on the fly, and then head out to explore the rest of Cape Breton. Beyond the salmon fishing, there's a huge influence of Celtic Music, great food, the world famous Cabot Trail around the coastline, and the first single malt distillery in North America at Glenora. And that's just the start of it. Come with us on this journey as we look for salmon on the fly and get into the culture of Cape Breton. It promises to be another great story for TEN & TWO - The Angler's Journey.

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The E-Zine Issue

Filed under Miscellaneous @ 10:20 am

The world of digital publishing has opened up any number of new opportunities to communicate. But then again, there are those (including me) who would say there’s way too much information out there and a lot of it is a total waste of time. But occasionally a new take on an idea appears. Such is the case this month.

The digital fly fishing magazine Blood Knot is online this month with an issue dedicated to profiling other digital fly fishing magazines. TEN & TWO is one of the magazines profiled.

Tarpon Dream Image

We chose to do something different with this opportunity. We’re going to run the same tarpon fly fishing story from two different perspectives. One in Blood Knot and the other in TEN & TWO. As we pondered the thought, it occurred to us that no two people see the same fishing trip the same way. A guide’s perspective can be entirely different than that of the client. Two friends can go fishing and each has their own private interpretation of the day. They might reach the same destination, but the path might be interpreted differently. Digital publishing allows us the opportunity to look at both sides.

Florida Fishing Boat Image

Too often businesses see their competition as “us against them”, and to be certain there are elements of that competitive environment that are proper and healthy, but just as often it becomes something else. In the best case, it’s not “us against them.” It’s us doing the very best we can, and teaming up with other magazines to combine the best of each to each other’s advantage has it’s place in the world. We can work together here and get something even better than what we have individually.

Thanks very much to Matt and the folks at Blood Knot for allowing us to take part in this portfolio. For us at TEN & TWO we hope you enjoy both issues as well as both our stories on tarpon fishing in Sanibel, Florida.

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